The old tv show

I watch a lot of old tv shows late at night.

I am talking shows from the 1960’s and 1970’s! So really old! They rerun them on my cable system in the wee hours and I really enjoy them.

Not only were the shows themselves better than any junk you’ll find on modern TV, but it gives a great wave of nostalgia for me to my childhood. I was watching something the other night, and I noticed in the background of this one scene there was a real vintage window air conditioning system unit. This window air conditioning system was so basic with just a plastic dial for the thermostat and a plastic dial to turn it off or on. Wow how far we have come with heating and air conditioning technology today! Seeing that really early model window air conditioning system unit really had me thinking about just how far we have come. This show I was watching was from the early 1970’s, and to think that in just 10 years or so from then, people would be able to afford and have central heating and air conditioning in their home by the late 80’s! It was really mind blowing when I thought about how much progress the heating and air conditioning industry made in just 10 to 20 years time! It really goes to show how there are geniuses working hard every single day of our lives to create and provide us the best options to continue to have the best possible indoor comfort by way of central heating and air conditioning.

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