Ductless multi-split solves heating/cooling issues

I have an older house that is extremely large but separated into lots of smaller rooms.

The house is very challenging to heat and cool.

It features high ceilings, big windows and an insufficient number of heating/cooling vents. Despite having a fairly modern furnace and air conditioner, there are rooms that were always overheated or chilly. Adjusting the thermostat wasn’t able to target these specific rooms and simply made the rest of the house uncomfortable. I looked into zone control but because of the lack of vents, decided against it. Instead, I invested in a ductless multi-split and this has solved the problem. I am so happy with the ductless system. It wasn’t overly expensive and installed in a single day, in a matter of hours. There was no renovation, major construction or mess caused by the installation project. The system consists of a single outdoor compressor linked by way of a conduit to eight indoor air handlers. Each air handler simply required a three-inch hole in an exterior wall to accommodate the conduit. We were able to place the outdoor compressor in an unobtrusive location, and it operates quietly. The air handlers are lightweight, slim and mounted up high on the wall. The system is actually a heat pump, and each air handler provides both heating and cooling capacity. Each one also features its own thermostat to provide zoned temperature control. We’re able to adjust temperature, fan speed, humidity levels and even set up automatic programs through an app on our smartphones. Despite the compact size and amazing efficiency levels, the ductless system is surprisingly powerful. It creates perfect comfort in every room.
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