Clean and sanitary

I think that being somewhat organized & scrubbed can make a world of difference in any person’s daily life.

Since I was raised in a current home without any of that, I had to learn all on our own how overpriced organization & keeping a scrub current home can be.

My current home is pretty much regularly in order & honestly sanitary. This doesn’t come without doing our chores though. There are plenty of evenings where I would care about coming home & having a beer in the Heating & A/C. With that being said, there are chores to do & a current home to keep up. This allows me to rest easy knowing that the current home is genuinely clean. But then it dawned on me that there was a space of the current home that I wasn’t genuinely paying any attention to. It had never occurred to me that the Heating & A/C air ducts were in need of getting a good cleaning as well. Then I started thinking about what the air I inhale was flowing over inside the air ducts. It was not a pretty image inside our head I can assure you. The thought of dust, mold & all sorts of other ick had me reaching for the phone immediately. I called the Heating & A/C people & they gave me a number of a locale who did only Heating & A/C duct cleaning. The duct cleaning crew was able to get out on our day off so I didn’t have to wait all that long to get all this taken care of. The amount of items that were coming out of the air ducts wasn’t genuinely all that disappointing which eased our mind a bit. Now, that the air ducts are clean, I can rest assured that our entire current home is super tidy & sanitary.

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