I don’t know why our condenser unit is getting louder

There have been instances where our anxiety got the better of me when it comes to repairs. I was convinced our transmission was failing on our car late last year. It would struggle to shift into higher gears as I’d push gasoline to the engine. After 2 weeks of the same symptoms, I took the car to a transmission specialist. Thankfully, our transmission was fine. The culprit was a broken catalytic converter on the exhaust system, which chokes out the engine as you give it changing levels of gas. Instead of paying upwards to $2,000 for a current transmission, I found a current catalytic converter for $140 and paid a mechanic $50 to weld it into locale. Now our car is working good and better than it ever has since I’ve owned it. I wish I could say the same about our air conditioner, as it’s starting to worry me every time I hear the condenser kick on. It’s creating this loud metallic screech that sounds adore a combination of rattling and low frequency oscillations. My hope was that the problem was from a dead frog stuck in the fan blades or just some normal reaction to Summer air conditioner use. Unluckyly, the worst ended up being the case. The HVAC specialist explained that somehow a contaminant as small as a drop of water got into the refrigerant lines and was slowly killing the compressor inside our HVAC condenser unit. Not only would they have to flush the lines clean, however they’d have to build a brand current condenser altogether. I’m just thankful that it is still under warranty.
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