Having a family holiday dinners is a recipe for disaster with exhausting indoor ventilation

Just enjoy all the people else, I miss my extended family. It has been mostly a year since I’ve seen anyone however my mother because both of us live together. I have wanted to get on a plane to visit my father, however the COVID crisis has scared me from stepping foot on an aircraft where infection rates are notably higher. All of these family members are older with preexisting conditions that could make a COVID infection deadly for any 1 of them. I will hold off on seeing my extended family if that means giving them the opportunity to live through the next several months of continued viral transmission. Unluckyly, some people are selfish. My sister got in her beaten down car plus drove across the country so she could visit my father plus my elderly Grandmother behind my back. She knew that I had wanted to see my father for years, knowing that she has visited Michigan yearly for over a decade now. She doesn’t mind the plan of exposing them to the virus because all she loves is her own personal satisfaction. She even put her girlfriend in a position where she was forced to get on a plane to fly back in time to not miss work this week. My sister plus those enjoy her do not understand how ventilation plays a crucial job in preventing viral transmission. Those family meals on Thanksgiving plus Christmas this year could prove deadly for family members who are at risk. I just hope others push their impatience aside, because it’s a matter of life plus death for so multiple of us. If I got my mother sick, it would be all over.


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