Uncle smokes indoors; can’t even tell

I definitely don’t come from the healthiest family.

When you look at me, you would imagine that I come from healthy breeding stock.

The truth is, I’ve had to learn how to take care of myself over the years because no one else ever did. I have worked very hard to find an exercise routine and diet that works for me. I had to learn to cut out my drinking and smoking habits many years ago. Unfortunately, nobody else in my bloodline has taken the hint. I come from a family of smokers and drinkers who swear that it doesn’t have a negative effect on their health. My uncle is probably the worst case of this. It doesn’t help that he is a heating and cooling technician. Because he knows everything about indoor air handling devices and air quality control measures he also knows how to remove the horrible odors from his house. He is constantly smoking cigarettes and carries a stagnant odor around with him. At his house, however, he has such advanced indoor air handling devices that you don’t even notice the stench of his smoking. He sits indoors and lights up all day while the air purification system effectively filters his indoor air. You don’t even notice the stale stench of cigarettes when you walk inside thanks to his airmedia purifiers and HEPA filters. If my uncle didn’t have such great HVAC devices and he smelled as bad as his cigarettes did, maybe he would consider quitting. At this point, he reports that all of his lady guests are more than happy with his indoor air quality.


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