I unfortunately had to share a room with my parents

I’m truly not sure what to say about my sleep patterns except they are totally erratic.

I have constantly had setbacks getting to sleep plus staying asleep.

The problem goes back to childhood when I was absolutely petrified of Gremlins plus post apocalyptic dreams. Sadly, these issues only continue to get more vivid as I get older plus the world burns. One of the things that I have come to realize about helping me to sleep includes maintaining a consistent environment. I appreciate having a nice chilly environment with a good amount of background noise. This generally means that I blast the A/C appliance plus run a box fan in the background. It helps to keep me perfectly cool and it drowns out the sounds of my dwelling before they terrify me. I’m an immense fan of a/c appliances because they effectively keep me well rested. This is why it became an immense setback to go on a trip with my parents last year. We made an attempt to stay in a few hotels but kept running into terrible indoor air handling devices. It seemed as though there wasn’t a properly working a/c appliance wherever we went. When we finally reached our destination plus tried out the A/C appliance there…I realized I had the same setback, my room had no working AC. In the end, I had no other choice but to sleep in the same room as my parents so that I could utilize an A/C appliance. At that point, I needed that background noise more than ever to drown out the sounds of my parents as we slept in the same room. That was entirely gross.

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