I don’t like hearing all the talk from my sibling about the HVAC device

My sibling is a single one of those people who constantly say they are going to do something & then never follow through with it… Although I care about my sibling, I do not care for people like this! As a matter of fact, my wife was divorced from her original partner because of this fact.

He was more or less a flake & never would follow through with a darn thing he said he was going to do which eventually led to financial troubles in the household.

He was a real loser. But my sibling is not a loser, just lazy! She keeps talking about how she is going to get a modern central heating & a/c device & then never does. It honestly gets extremely discouraging to tell you the truth. She will kneel there & complain how her central heating & a/c device is so out of date & works terribly, & how she needs a modern central heating & a/c device. I have been hearing this banter from her for the last year & I am sick and tired of it! When I ask her why she hasn’t acted on it yet, she constantly says “Oh I am, I’m calling the heating & a/c company next week”, although she never does! It’s basically like an endless loop. I told my sibling I don’t wish to hear anymore about her hating her central heating & a/c device & how out of date it is unless she is honestly going to follow through & finally do something about it!
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