All about the colors

Installing your own thermostat is not as easy as a task as you may think.

  • However it could be if you know a few simple things.

The main thing is to know the colors of the wires, what they mean and where they get hooked up to. This was something I ended up self teaching myself by watching several instructional videos online. I had to search many websites and click many clickable live links to find the videos showing you how to instal a thermostat yourself. I watched several different ones many times until I totally had it embedded in my brain what the colors of each wire meant and where they were to be plugged in to. I ended up installing my first thermostat just last week. And let me tell you that it felt great to do this myself without having to call a heating and air conditioning professional! Not only did it save me money but it made me feel great as a person in general. You know, it’s that feeling you have when you accomplish something on your own and feel like bragging about it because not everyone can do it. This was my feeling after installing my very first thermostat! If we did not have websites and the internet, I would not have been able to learn how to instal the thermostat and would have had to call the HVAC professionals! So i am thankful for modern technology and the world wide web in general. It is a major godsend when you really think about it!


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