Working the “on call” shift is terrible

Have you ever had an unpredictable schedule? If you ask me, there’s nothing more upsetting than living an adult life and being unable to control your own time.

I have struggled with this a lot in previous positions when my co-workers have been difficult to work with.

You never know when we’re going to get information to complete projects and important assignments. That makes it hard to ever control your own life here in my current position things aren’t much better. When I got into the heating, cooling, and ventilation industry I honestly thought that I would have amazing control over my daily schedule. I would be dispatched to heating and cooling appointments throughout the day and I could pick and choose which air conditioning repairs or forced air furnace maintenance services I wanted to attend. I was wrong about how the heating and cooling industry works. I am not allowed to choose which central heating and cooling maintenance appointments I attend. In fact, I don’t even know when a new air conditioning repair job or furnace troubleshooting appointment is headed my way. Since I became a certified HVAC technician I have been working in the on-call shift for a local heating and cooling dealership. This means I’m constantly waiting for air quality disasters. I am at the mercy of people’s broken heating and cooling equipment every day. I never know when I’m going to have to run out the door to be the emergency HVAC repair technician where some little old lady or family of single parent children. My job is so stressful waiting for HVAC failure each day… and so is my life.


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