There is no shortcut to proper air conditioning maintenance

I like quick-fix ideas, especially when it’s something I can perform myself.

I have gotten away with many things by merely trying to find easier ways to accomplish them.

But I came to find out the hard way that not everything needs a quick fix solution, especially when handling electrical appliances. After spending time online reading about heating and cooling service, I thought I knew more about HVAC and toyed around with the idea of trying to perform air conditioning maintenance myself. Before getting deep into the filter and ductwork, my quest for knowledge started with a simple search about the HVAC brands in the house like the thermostat. Lack of money and a non-existent HVAC service plan pushed me to act as an HVAC technician, although I understood little of an HVAC system’s basics.Although I was able to undo the ac filter’s caging and clean it, I forgot how to put it back in correctly, but a quick video tutorial on cooling tech guided me well. I wasn’t so sure about my effort, but a call to the customer care of an air conditioning company assured me that all would be well if I followed the tutorial to the letter. A week later, I started hearing subtle noises from the zone controlled HVAC, but I couldn’t quite place it. Additionally, my whole home air purification started dipping. This time I called a cooling and heating technician to get his opinion over the phone, and from my explanation, he could tell the problem was from loose fittings in the AC. I panicked and explained what happened, and he offered to charge a small fee to fix it. He saved me from possibly spending on new HVAC products for sale, although I could do with some quality HVAC equipment now.