I quit my job as a technician to establish my own air conditioning company

Fear of the unknown has got me worried for a long time about making the brave move from employment to entrepreneurship.

  • I have all the necessary skills, saved up some cash already, and identified an ideal location, but I can’t make the first step.

I am in my second year of stalling, but it’s about time I got serious. By a stroke of luck, the company decided to downsize, and I finally made the bold step to relinquish my position as an HVAC technician and start creating awareness about my HVAC products for sale. I am glad the switch was timely since my business permit for the air conditioner company was ready for picking. So I just had to hire a licensed or certified technician with vast knowledge and experience in HVAC systems. With a constantly changing technological world of electronics, I planned to stock diverse and latest HVAC brands that comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements. With more free time, I also plan to take more classes to learn more about HVAC to become a certified heating technician since I already have certification for cooling tech. With so much competition in the market, I have to stand out by providing quality HVAC equipment, zone controlled HVAC, and whole home air purification tips. I know it will be a while before I break-even, but my heating and cooling service topped up with a reasonable HVAC service plan should get the ball rolling. From previous experience, air conditioning maintenance is an excellent way to get the word out from one client to another, and I know in a few months, I’ll be an established provider.
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