HVAC tech faked bee sting to leave early

Sometimes I wonder about the children that I accidentally hire.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of child labor or breaking any labor laws. I don’t intend to hire irresponsible and immature individuals to perform any services for me. However, it seems like there are more immature adults than ever these days. This is what I realized a few weeks ago when my supposed professional HVAC repair technician acted as if he was a third-grade child in my public school classroom. I had called out a professional heating, cooling, and air purification technician to take a look at my air conditioning unit for the year. I knew it was going to be an extremely hot and humid summer so I wanted to make sure that I had my cooling system professionally inspected long before the temperature started to change. When I called my normal heating and cooling repair shop I was disappointed to find that my normal HVAC technician had resigned several weeks earlier. The heating and cooling dispatcher assured me that I would be pleased with the newest heating and cooling technician. When the air quality control specialist arrived at my house I showed him to the air conditioning unit and expected that he would do the same quality of work as my old heating, cooling, and ventilation technician. It was about 10 minutes later when the HVAC technician knocked on my door, yelled that he had been stung by a bee, and went jogging back to the HVAC truck. He never even returned to fix my air conditioning unit. A few weeks later I ran into my old HVAC technician at the grocery store… he told me he quit the heating and cooling dealership because the newest technician was constantly dodging work by faking bee stings.

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