The sound of thunder and ideal temperature control settings relaxes me

I’m actually kind of obsessed with the sound of thunder.

I love it when we have thunderstorms.

I love sitting at the window with the perfect temperature control settings in my home while watching the rain and the thunder. It’s really cool when you see lightning. I mean, as long as the lightning doesn’t knock out the power or put you in harm’s way, then it’s a beautiful thing to me. It’s also just a comforting sound for me, and it helps me sleep well through the night. I enjoy it so much that I will play rain with thunder sounds as I go to bed just to get a great night of sleep. I also make sure to adjust the temperature control settings so that the A/C is perfect for when I am resting. Also because I don’t like too much humidity in my home, I have invested in a humidifier/dehumidifier combo unit that makes sure the humidity levels are just right in my home. I find this humidifier/dehumidifier to be really convenient because it makes it so I can adjust the temperature control to a level where I am actually saving money on my energy bills. Now if there’s anything that helps you sleep at night, I know that’s a major thing for me! My wife used to think I was crazy because I enjoy the thunder so much, but she got used to it. These days she actually gets excited with me when we hear thunder and we go to watch the storm together.


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