I didn't realize how expensive bills are

Just recently, I have finally earned my wings and moved out of my parent’s house.

While my parents had prepared me on almost everything there is to know before moving out, I really didn’t realize how expensive bills were going to be.

They told me they were going to be expensive, but it was even worse than I thought! I was used to not having to worry about bills, so constantly worrying about whether I could pay them or not was a big smack to the face! One of my most expensive bills actually turned out to be my A/C bill. I do like to keep my home cool, so I do have my air conditioning unit running all of the time, but I didn’t know it cost so much! I already knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep making payments, and that I would have to reduce the amount of A/C I get, which really sucked. I also had to downgrade my cable bill because it was also way too expensive to keep. I also kept my lights off most of the day to lower the electricity bill. After seeing how expensive everything really is, I definitely am going to miss all of the luxuries I had while I lived with my parents. But, I now have freedom, and that in itself is incredibly satisfying. I am hoping that I can get another job, so that way I can start enjoying some of my luxuries again, but I guess until then I will have to make do with what I have.

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