Doing what the two of us can to keep our baby safe and healthy

One of the most alarming things is when there is some kind of issue with your baby.

When our baby was born, I made sure to invest in all the right things.

I had the air duct plan cleaned so that the two of us would have better air quality. I also invested in HEPA air filters because I l acquired that they pull 99.9% of contaminants from the air. We don’t want the baby getting sick with contaminants floating around! On top of those things, I invested in a UV air purification plan and a humidifier. The UV air purification plan works to kill harmful pathogens and keeps the air quality great. While I invested in all these things for the health of our baby, there were other things to worry about. When our baby started walking, she was trying to get into everything. We put baby proofing on all the drawers and cupboards around the house, and the two of us put the plug covers in all the electrical sockets. She still gets into all kinds of mischief. I just about had a heart attack when she was choking on something the other day. It turned out that 1 of the kids were drawing with crayons, and they broke a piece of crayon and dropped it on the floor. It particularly made our heart race when I heard our baby choking and I instantly got the piece of crayon out of her mouth. I am constantly looking out for things that she might choke on, I just wish babies weren’t constantly trying to put everything into their mouth!

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