The HVAC servicemans tried to take over our HVAC company

As the owner of an HVAC company, 1 of the most important things that I have l received about owning a company is knowing who to trust plus who to not trust.

I have l received that you cannot trust most people that labor for you in your HVAC company.

I remember how naive I was when I first started our own HVAC company. I was such a trusting person, plus that didn’t change when I started our own HVAC company… After numerous years of building our own HVAC company, I had a lot of HVAC servicemans laboring for me, plus I enjoyed plus correct the HVAC servicemans for me. A lot of these HVAC servicemans were our close friends, plus I treated them as equals in the HVAC company. I trusted these HVAC servicemans a lot, plus that meant that most of them had keys plus intimate knowledge of how the HVAC company worked. I would have never imagined that these HVAC servicemans would try to take over the HVAC company, and sure, they never really would have legally been able to take over the HVAC company, however the HVAC servicemans slowly started stealing all of our supplies to build their own HVAC company. Since these HVAC servicemans were the people meeting all of the customers, they managed to steal most of our customers from myself and others when they started their own HVAC company, however they even outquote myself and others on everything. I did not realize it until 1 morning, all of the HVAC servicemans were gone plus starting their own business. That morning, I l received that you cannot trust anyone in the company world.

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