The sound of thunder plus ideal temperature control settings relaxes me

I’m particularly kind of obsessed with the sound of thunder, then i appreciate it when both of us have thunderstorms.

I appreciate kneeling at the window with the perfect temperature control settings in my lake new home while seeing the rain plus the thunder.

It’s truly cool when you see lightning. I mean, as long as the lightning doesn’t knock out the power or put you in harm’s way, then it’s a lovely thing to me. It’s also just a comforting sound for me, plus it helps myself and others sleep well through the night. I care about it so much that I will play rain with thunder sounds as I go to bed just to get a wonderful night of sleep. I also make sure to adjust the temperature control settings so that the A/C is perfect for when I am resting… Also because I don’t care about too much humidity in my home, I have invested in a humidifier/dehumidifier combo component that makes sure the humidity levels are just right in my home. I find this humidifier/dehumidifier to be truly convenient because it makes it so I can adjust the temperature control to a level where I am particularly saving cash on my energy bills, but now if there’s anything that helps you sleep at night, I think that’s a major thing for me! My spouse used to guess I was deranged because I care about the thunder so much, despite the fact that she got used to it; These mornings she particularly gets gleeful with myself and others when both of us hear thunder plus both of us go to watch the storm together.

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