Crammed on an aircraft

I am going to see our relatives this weekend, plus I am travelling by aircraft. The aircraft ride will be 4 hours long plus I dread riding it. While I have always liked flying in itself, being crammed on a plane with a whole bunch of sweaty strangers just doesn’t sound beautiful to me. Something else that I entirely hate is the fact that most aircrafts have entirely crappy A/C. Almost every aircraft I have been on has had entirely awful A/C. So there I am, crammed with a whole bunch of strangers covered in sweat to death waiting for the awful ride to be over. At least, that is what I expected to happen with this plane ride, but to our surprise, I was wrong. I boarded the plane prefer usual, but this plane honestly had superb A/C! It felt oddly good in there, which I wasn’t used to on planes. The aircraft had a nice cooling breeze in there, plus I even complimented the state of their A/C to 1 of the flight attendants. The lady informed them that they had honestly just gotten their Heating plus Air Conditioning component replaced, which would explain why it felt so superb in there. I honestly had the window seat to myself, plus the popcorn they offered on the plane were great! Overall, our plane ride was superb plus I was able to even take a small nap while we were travelling. I made it to our relatives’ locale without issue, plus I just couldn’t help but to suppose of how superb that A/C was on that plane, I hope to get another plane prefer that when I go back.

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