Not a big fan of hearing bad news

I really do not love hearing bad news, then seriously, I sometimes wish that people would keep bad news to themselves at times, however I suppose that’s not certainly realistic! For example, this past week, my fiance called myself and others up when I was at work in an important meeting.

I wanted to just call his back after the meeting, however I was told that the call was an emergency; When I got on the phone with her, he said that the Heating & A/C plan broke down & the house was start to overheat.

She didn’t suppose what to do. I realized that this was drastic & I told his to just call up the Heating & A/C company to have them come over. She said he didn’t suppose what to say to them & so he had myself and others call up the Heating & A/C business. I couldn’t guess that he had myself and others calling up the Heating & A/C company to arrange for emergency Heating & A/C services while I was supposed to be involved with this important meeting at the office. When I finally made the arrangements for the emergency Heating & A/C services, I was able to get back to my meeting, however everybody seemed to be concerned about my situation, however I just said it was an issue with our Heating & A/C plan at beach house & that both of us needed emergency Heating & A/C services. The people I was with and I continued the meeting & were able to finish, & then my boss let myself and others go beach house to take care of my emergency situation. This was certainly stressful, especially since I had to pay a luck for the emergency repairs, however it’s also something that you can’t just ignore.



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