Author: Bill

The hospital was as frosty as outside.

I asked about the doctors and the doctor told me the doctors and a couple other areas in the hospital had their own furnaces It was just past 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and I could hear my PC ringing. I stumbled from the bed and headed into the other room where I had left […]

Why does camping need to include tents?

I always believed it was sleeping on the hard ground that miserable me most with camping. As I stayed awake in the tent during the Girl Scout camping trip, I was staring at the walls. I could see the moisture form on the tent walls, just from the heat coming off the ladies. I knew […]

The birthday celebration was a chilly affair.

Living up in the Northeast, all of us get used to the occasional afternoon in the forties or fifties in May or early June. Every one of us were hoping that all of us could throw a birthday celebration to get away without all the cooler weather. So far, Springtime had been above average temperatures, […]

The bed was hot, and so was the night.

I have never before liked camping, however after my divorce, someone had to go with my young sons. They both enjoyed fishing and camping out by the lake, so I volunteered to take them for a weekend. I bought a more current and larger tent, and since one of my hatreds of camping was sleeping […]

I’m waiting for the stars to shine.

Have you ever awoken in the middle of the night and it is so dark that you can’t find the door to even get out of your room? I live on the top of the mountain. Every one of us don’t have any streetlights to give you lights inside the house. There are trees all […]

When it rains, it snows!

The Winter time is almost upon us here in the north. Although people ignore it, the rain that all of us are experiencing right now will soon be snow. Last night, it was raining and the next thing that I realized, I looked out the window and it was snowing. It doesn’t last once the […]

They took away the spot for my recliner.

I enjoy having my recliner located in the living room corner. I didn’t have the sun shining in to impede my daytime naps because the window wasn’t close to my feet. I could lean back and still watch television. A couple months ago I got a big bonus at work. I had let my fiance […]

The fireplace should have been decorated.

My number one fave section of the holidays is decorating. I recall how all of us would come in from outdoors playing in the snow, and go directly to the fireplace. Dad would have cinnamon sticks in a pot of water, and she had a few other spices, such as star-anise and whole cloves, in […]