Preparing to Go to the Shore

I wanted to get a Brazilian wax before my beach holiday.

My friends and I had talked about going to the shore all Winter time long.

We couldn’t wait to get away for our break in April and head to the shore. When you live in the north, you spend 95% of your life in jeans or sweatpants. You wear those things that are going to keep you warm and alive. I shouldn’t say it out loud, however I rarely shave my legs in the winter. Now that going to the shore is becoming a reality, I need to get ready for my new bathing suit. I called several of our local day spas, however none of them can wax anything other than your eyebrows. I was looking for a complete waxing. I had to go into the city. While trying to find a salon that did Brazilian waxing, I located a website that gave a recipe for wax made with sugar. The recipe was on video and showed the entire procedure for making sugaring wax at home. The recipe called for sugar, water, lemon juice and some aromatic oils. I was going to do my Brazilian wax in the privacy and comfort of my own bedroom. I had the sugaring agent prepared, and it was cooling. I thought I was ready to get started, however I thought about the pain that came with waxing. I was beginning to doubt whether or not I would be able to inflict that pain on myself. I had a single strip in place over the sugaring wax. I washed it off, and called the salon in the city, to just get an appointment for a Brazilian wax. I made the appointment for ten days before all of us were heading to the shore.

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