Preferring to run for my workouts

I understand the importance of working different muscles in new ways.

I agree that muscle confusion is really beneficial.

It’s also necessary to rest muscles and joints after a strenuous workout. Because of that, I make an effort to change my style of workout as often as possible. I try not to concentrate on high impact cardio two days in a row. I only lift weights three or four days per week. However, my favorite style of workout is going for a run. When the weather cooperates, I just love to get outside and work up a sweat. The workout seems to go by so much faster. I like that I don’t need a whole bunch of complicated gear or preparation. I dress for the outdoor conditions, lace up my sneakers and devote a few minutes to warm up and stretch. I then have my choice of routes through the neighborhood. I sometimes drive to an area where I can enjoy a more scenic path. I can pick between hilly terrain or level ground, through the woods at the park or following the streets through the city. Even if I only have a half an hour to devote to my workout, I burn a tremendous amount of calories, get my heart pumping and work up a sweat. On those days when I have plenty of time, I appreciate the chance to run for ten or twelve miles. With shorter runs, I focus on a quicker pace and attempt to beat my personal best for time. For the longer runs, I concentrate more on stamina, lengthening my stride and noticing the scenery. After a run, I always experience that runner’s high. I feel strong and healthy and accomplished.

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