I used a mobile HVAC van a couple of weeks ago

Only a couple of weeks ago, I had some problems with my oil furnace.

Around here, the weather doesn’t really start heating up until the middle of May plus so you have to keep using the oil furnace well into the Springtime. Well, my gas furnace just hastily stopped working plus every one of us still had snow on the ground in some places, know it or not. The snow just seems to hang around here under the trees plus in other areas where it doesn’t get all that sunny. I couldn’t exactly live for the next more than one weeks separate from a oil furnace, plus so I called up my local HVAC dealer to see if I could get an appointment for a heating repair. Well, apparently, most people plus their brother was having the same category of problem that I was having because they were completely booked up for the next more than one weeks! I couldn’t know that I couldn’t get my gas furnace repaired. I mean, what if every one of us were in the middle of a cold snap plus I didn’t have anything to heat my apartment with but my wood burning fireplace? I didn’t know whether I should just go out plus buy some small electric space gas furnaces or something love that, but then I heard an ad on the radio for a new mobile HVAC service. These guys just drive around unusual communities in their HVAC vans plus wait for calls to come in. Then they zip over to your apartment to do routine maintenance plus maintenance work. When I called them, they showed up at my apartment within the hour plus they got my gas furnace fixed instantly!

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