I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t workout

In my opinion, regular exercise is important as brushing teeth. It’s essential to physical health. Keeping active optimizes the strength of muscles as well as the health of the lungs, heart and joints. Elevating the heart rate gets the blood pumping, burns calories and releases feel-good endorphins. It keeps the weight off and elevates mood. After a good workout, I feel good about myself. I have more energy and am more productive for the rest of the day. I think that proper fitness habits should be emphasized from an early age. It’s unfortunate that most kids don’t like gym class and aren’t encouraged to workout. A dedicated fitness regiment helps to prevent a long list of medical ailments and even works toward better mental health. It leads to a more successful future. People who workout regularly look and act younger. They even benefit from better skin tone. I don’t understand why so many people ignore this very important aspect of their overall well-being. I’ve heard people say that they don’t like to workout or that they don’t have time for it. I refuse to believe they can’t set aside a half an hour a day. Plus, there’s so many different ways to be active. If someone doesn’t like to run, how about biking? How about kayaking, skiing, playing tennis or soccer? Even just going for a walk is beneficial. Dancing to a favorite song, jumping rope and hiking are great ways to keep in shape. I devote an hour every day to my physical fitness. I incorporate all different styles of exercises, from weight lifting to high intensity cardio.

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