Explaining cybersecurity to older clients

Some of my new clients are people who still aren’t comfortable with the way things are going.

  • For the older generations, the idea that you can run a successful business without having a storefront, or any buildings at all, is foreign to them.

The idea of cutting overhead and moving to a purely online model is weird and scary to them, and I understand that. It’s different for those of us who grew up online, where the digital world, and digital money, is just as good as the real thing. These new clients tend to be terrified of hackers, and although they don’t understand cybersecurity they know that it is more important than locks and vaults.For these clients I tend to keep things very physical, and describe cybersecurity in terms of the security measures they are familiar with. Threat detection is an easy topic, because a threat to your safety and security translate from reality to the digital world. Threat detection assesses your weak spots and allows you to shore them up before anyone can exploit them. Firewall solutions are also easy to explain to older clients, because they can all picture a brightm, blazing wall of fire around their website, protecting it. Visualizing the virtualized security is a key element to making them aware of what we are doing, and how valuable it is. Things like server protection, cloud security, and VPN services make no sense to them, so I will often gloss over those topics and stick to what is important. The bottom line is this — cybersecurity protects everything you own!

Cloud based security