Camping with the scouts would have been angry without the fireplace

I thought it was silly when I went hiking with my boy scout troop in the cold weather.

  • Things might have not been so excruciating if both of us didn’t end up getting hit with a brutal Wintertide storm.

It just kept on snowing care about silly while both of us were out there hiking, & both of us ended up having to stop at a shelter. The shelter was not unquestionably big, just enough to allow us all to put our sleeping bags down & rest there without being buried in the snow. The snow got absolutely deep though & fortunately, the scout leaders had shovels. It seemed to myself and others that they were planning on all the snow. Still, there was a fireplace both of us were able to use in the shelter & there was a generous amount of wood stacked up! A lot of scouts would hike through this section & when they would finish using the fireplace, they would chop the same amount of wood they used for whoever would use the shelter next allowing for a continuous supply of wood. I was thankful for that fireplace because both of us were cold before both of us were able to use it. I know that’s why the main scout leader was never nervous, because he knew both of us would have access to heating with that fireplace. It would have been a shame though if both of us had arrived there & there was no firewood for the fireplace. The two of us would have had to chop all our own wood, & it would have to be dead wood because there wouldn’t be time for the wood to dry & cure constantly.

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