Not the kind of trip I had in mind

A road trip that I’ve been looking forward to every year now is not going the way I had planned.

  • Me and a few friends have decided to travel the country and see what all it had to offer.

We had strategically planned everything out. The first night we would drive for eight hours and to stop at a hotel and the second night we would drive another eight hours and head to the second hotel. There were three of us and that’s supposed to be repeated for each person. We would all take turns driving eight hours and rotate shifts. On the second night it was my turn and after the drive and arriving at the hotel we were all pretty tired and ready to just kick back and relax but this would be far from what was going to go down. When arriving at the hotel we immediately noticed upon walking into the hotel lobby that there was a very odd smell in the place. We couldn’t figure it out and so we just brushed it off but it was a bit odd. We got up to our room. We tried to turn on the air conditioning system as we were pretty hot and nothing happened so my friend came over and tried to help and when she tried to get it working dust fell out of the air conditioner. We were surprised and it didn’t help when we saw a dead spider fall out. It was as if this air conditioning unit had not been used in years and part of the bad smell seems to be emanating from it, but not just this air conditioner but from the whole hotel in general. It all had a general funk to it and I don’t think the indoor air quality in the place was very good either. We left early.


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