I was thrown for a loop

I was looking forward to a road trip every year and things don’t usually go exactly as we planned.

Me and also some of my friends wanted to travel the country and see lots of things I could offer.

We stood tragically and had a plan for everything. On the first night, both of us will drive more than 7 hours and then stop at a hotel. When many of us would drive another 7 hours the next day and then get a second Hotel. There was a couple of us that should have been taking turns driving. It was supposed to be repeated for each man but we were not rotating shifts and I had to drive while I was still pretty sleepy. I could not kick back and relax and I was extremely tired by the time we arrived at the hotel. I noticed instantly when walking into the lobby that the hotel had and honestly bizarre odor. We could not really figure out the aroma and both of us brush off the odd smell. When both of us got to our room, both of us realize that the air conditioner was off. We were surprised the air conditioner was off due to the fact that it was so warm outside. When the both of us turned on the air conditioner, the two of us quickly understood exactly why it was off in the first place. That was actually where the smell seemed to be coming from and it was a huge issue. The both of us had to call someone to get rid of the terrible smell and we did not spend the night in that hotel after smelling the horrible odor in the heating and cooling unit.
Air purification help