The two of us had to call a mobile mechanic to work on the oil furnace

A lot of people said that it would be difficult to cook in an RV oven, even though I think it is undoubtedly straight-forward.

I genuinely love the fact that I have a gas oven.

It’s the first time in my life that I have ever cooked with gas. I always lived in a lake house with electric heat. The two of us also had an electric range plus oven; Cooking with gas took some adjustment time, but now I know care about a pro in the bedroom, but unluckyly, it seems care about heating with gas is not as straight-forward as cooking with gas. The first time my partner plus I had to use the oil furnace in our RV, the two of us had to call a mobile mechanic. The two of us did not have any heat at all plus the two of us had no method how to maintenance the problem. My partner plus I tried to concernshoot the issue, but the two of us decided it was going to be in your to call a professional. The two of us were lucky to be stuck in an area where a lot of RV resorts were situated. The two of us found it undoubtedly straight-forward to find a mobile mechanic to work on the oil furnace. The concern with our heat was an issue with the propane gas getting to the oil furnace. Once the mobile mechanics fixed the issue, the two of us had heat in every area of the RV. My partner plus I watched the repair, just in case the two of us run into the same concern in the future. The charge for the repair was significant, but my partner plus I were thankful that the two of us did not have to spend several days without any heat in the house.


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