The ductless AC component fell out of the wall

My sibling purchased a small home when she was a single girl plus she decided to turn the garage into a girl cave. I thought it was an awesome plan plus it was absolutely the perfect place to hang out plus watch football, hockey, soccer, plus baseball games. My sibling spent a lot of time making everything in the garage look perfect. She purchased neon signs plus interests memorabilia to hang on the wall. They also purchased a ductless AC component for the room. It hardly gets chilly enough for heat, but there are at least more than five months out of the year when it is absolutely necessary to have chilly AC. My sibling decided to buy a ductless AC component online. She was going to install that equipment on her own until she realized that it was rather complicated. Instead of calling a professional replacement supplier to handle the ductless AC component replacement, my sibling found a girl on facebook. My sibling was happy because the girl was a lot cheaper than a professional. The girl finished the replacement job in about an hour plus I thought that it looked great. I was proud of my sibling plus the decision she made to use Facebook until the ductless AC component fell out of the wall. The first time that my sibling plus I turned on that bass on the stereo, the wall shook plus the ductless AC component fell on the ground plus broke into a hundred weird pieces. My sibling couldn’t get her cash back for the AC plus the girl on facebook entirely wasn’t bonded or insured.

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