Why you must maintain your air conditioner

Likely, the system could still work with a few fixes

You have probably heard about the need to maintain your HVAC unit regularly but ignored it. Such was my case until I suffered a costly ordeal that made me change my mind. I had to travel because of a business engagement and unfortunately took longer than I expected. Instead of the three days, I extended my stay away from home for two weeks. I didn’t worry much since I stayed alone and had no pets to bother me. Little did I know that living things are not the only cause of concerns whenever one is away. I came back to a super stuffy house that was too hot. My first reaction was that my windows had been closed for too long. A few hours later, not even my fully opened windows could help. What’s more, it was in the middle of summer, and the sun was generally unforgiving. My air conditioner seemed to run okay, except that it was not cooling any of my rooms. Panicking, I called my HVAC technician to come to have a look. Luckily, he was in my neighborhood and could thus drop by faster than usual. A good check and test drive proved that my unit had overheated for the past two weeks. I needed a new thermostat, in addition to a few replacements on the unit. Likely, the system could still work with a few fixes. I had neglected the unit and even failed to replace filters for the longest time, which is why it eventually gave in. The cost of repairs at this point was so high that I learned my lesson. I ensure to have an expert HVAC provider come around at least twice a year.

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