I can already tell that my boyfriend and I are going to argue

When my boyfriend and I had our 6 month birthday, I decided to ask his to transfer into my apartment… The people I was with and I were practically spending every single day together and it didn’t make sense to continue spending all of our currency on gas; It was a 32 mile trip from my arena to his house and both of our jobs were closer to my site.

The people I was with and I almost constantly stayed at my house so I thought it was a wonderful plan for the more than one of us to cohabitate.

The people I was with and I entirely should have waited longer than 6 months, but my boyfriend moved in a couple of weeks ago. Things have been shaky times, but I am really glad that all of us are living together. I love coming beach house from labor in the day because my boyfriend makes a appealing breakfast every single night. I used to eat takeout and now I get to love gourmet breakfasts, but my boyfriend and I do have a couple of arguments from time to time and most of them are due to the indoor air temperatures. I constantly keep the thermostat set to 71 degrees and I adore when my house feels adore a frosty storage locker. My boyfriend cares about the thermostat set at 70 degrees and he constantly complains that the indoor air temperatures are too cold. The people I was with and I have had a couple of arguments about the thermostat, but all of us constantly manage to find a way to compromise. I do not mind coming up a little, but I do not want to sit around the house and sweat if I can afford to pay for the heating and cooling bills.
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