Waiting for gas furnace to fail

My gas furnace is over twenty years ancient and still operational! Every fall, I expect the heating plan to fail to beginning up. Every winter, I’m sure it’s going to quit and force myself and others to replace it. Beyond a few minor repairs, it keeps running reliably year after year, but i’ve been easily conscientious about replacing filters and scheduling annual professional maintenance. I’ve taken harshly fantastic care of the gas furnace but never expected it to last thing long. I assume that it must be nearing the end of its lifespan. Every time a licensed Heating and A/C business provides a tune-up, he inevitably recommends that I invest in a new gas furnace. I assume that it would be more convenient to schedule the replacement project over the summer time rather than wait for a disaster in the middle of winter. I don’t want to be separate from heat while both of us were in a December blizzard and be in a rush to install a new gas furnace. I’d much rather take my time, research unusual models and order the right 1. I’ve looked into the latest chances and heating technology has come a long way. The models on the modern market supply much higher AFUE levels, better safety features and all sorts of fun bells and whistles. I could replace to zone control and a smart control unit. However, I am reluctant to tear out a working gas furnace. Even if I’m paying more in energy bills every month, I don’t want to face the cost of a new gas furnace. I’m not looking forward to the disruption of the actual upgrade project. If I procrastinate much longer, the gas furnace will eventually malfunction and make the decision for me.
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