Hospital HVAC Needs to be Replaced

Not long ago, I had to go to the ER.

Trust me, during the middle of a pandemic is not a time you want to have to go to the emergency room. Every other face in the crowd was a potential threat to my health like never before, so it was creepy. Even beyond that, I noticed that it was pretty darn hot in there while I was waiting for hours on end. I finally decided to ask someone about the a/c, and that is when I discovered that the HVAC unit at the hospital needs to be replaced. It was like a furnace in that ER, and I know from my biology classes that having poorly functioning air conditioning makes for a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. That is pretty disconcerting when there is a killer virus out there lurking and waiting to kill us. I was a bit surprised that the nurse behind the desk admitted to me, a mere patient, that she felt unsafe because the a/c just couldn’t keep the place as cool as is required in medical buildings. Usually, when I have to go to the hospital or even the doctor’s office, I find myself in need of a sweater. My personal physician told me they set the thermostat low to discourage germs from growing and thriving. I guess the hospital better hurry up and call in the H

a/c set up