Changing up the air by changing the HVAC filtration

I have never been more concerned for mine and my family’s health than I have this year.

The reason should be painfully obvious.

The pandemic has really brought good health to the forefront. I guess that is where it should have been all along. However, I have been somewhat remiss when it comes to making sure that I’m in the best shape. There are always excuses not to get off my but and out of the HVAC for some exercise. But this year, I had to stop with the excuses and get real about taking my health more seriously. I am in my early fifties and facing this virus gave me a much needed wake up call. The people who are getting the worst of it are those who are not in good health. I know that while I’m not in seriously bad health, my immune strength is not what it could be. This is due to the fact that I hadn’t been eating right, getting enough exercise and making better choices when it comes to my health. Another reason that I haven’t done all I can do for my immune health has to do with the HVAC. For years and years, I have used cheap paper HVAC air filters. I thought nothing of it. I figured since I wasn’t asthmatic, I didn’t need the fancy air filters. What I didn’t realize was that those cheap air filters are doing exactly nothing to protect or improve my health. All they do is protect the delicate internal parts of the HVAC unit. Now, we have HEPA type air filters and our indoor air quality has improved dramatically.

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