Making sure I have HVAC comfort when I travel

Much of our life feels like I am on the road.

This year has changed that fact a great deal due to the pandemic. However, while I primarily gave up the perfectly HVAC controlled office, I still had to travel. Online meetings and working from apartment helped mitigate our risks when it came to this virus. However, our task does require me to be onsite to review progress and execution of projects our supplier is involved in. Normally, I would be doing much of that travel by plane. This year changed that all up. And sincerely, it has been a charming change. I have truly hated flying the last decade or so. It’s just such a hassle and unless I’m going thoUSAnds of miles away, air travel isn’t much of a time saver for me. Plus, I truly hated the sites I was booked into. While they had lots of costly amenities, most couldn’t get the basics like HVAC right. So this year, I’ve done all of our traveling by car. And I have found that not only is it more comfortable than flying, I have also found the perfect locale to stay. I discovered the mid level hotels that have the giant HVAC wall units. These things are great. I care about the fact that they can cool down or heat up a room within minutes. And there is no dripping with sweat through a night waiting for the next afternoon for service to service the HVAC. In a year of change, this change has been an unexpected joy.

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