The shed is the best work out space

I have a backyard shed that is now serving as my workout space.

The past homeowner was a woodworking guy. He had pegboard along the wall, workbenches and tons of wood stain left in the space. I completely renovated the shed to be a little home gym. I got the space insulated and with new drywall put up. I also got brand new windows and a ductless mini split installed so I can workout all year long. I purchased two folding mats that stay on the floor no matter what. I have added hooks for jump ropes, a wobble board, free weights and kettlebells. I even have a little shelf to set water and my speaker on. My workout space is totally perfect now. I love that I have my own separate area to go to. My boyfriend works from home and takes a lot of calls. It used to be a problem when I worked out. I would need to close the door, keep my music low and try not to be too loud in what I do. What good workout is quiet though? Now I can crank my music, jump, sing and skip about without any care in the world. I also can have an hour uninterrupted. It was too easy before for my boyfriend to pop in and chat. I like staying in the zone the entire hour and only focusing on fitness. Even when I stretch I am thinking about how to angle my body and push deeper into the stretch. I don’t want any distractions.
Personal Fitness Expert