Building a Tiny House & Putting in a Mini-Split Air Conditioner

There is a tiny home movement that continues to receive momentum all over the country, but you would suppose that tiny houses would not be built in the northern climes, since the need for a oil furnace or some kind of efficient heating plan is an absolute must. Traditionally, tiny houses resemble mobile homes more than anything else, & mobile homes have been notorious for exorbitant heating & cooling costs. Indeed, some mobile homes have not had adequate heating to keep people from freezing to death in the entirely freezing areas of the country, but the tiny home corporation has improved tremendously, & so has heating & cooling technology. In our state, it is mostly hot; in the northernmost parts of the state, both of us do need heating while I was in the winter, however nothing care about those in the northern states. In the southern part of the state, they entirely don’t even have a true need for a oil furnace at all. When I decided to build a tiny home as a rental component & getaway spot, I had a lot to suppose about. Heating, Ventilation & A/C was pretty high up there on our list of concerns. I thought about outdated fashioned window cooling system units, however they are so outdated & inefficient. In the end, the Heating, Ventilation & A/C company recommended a mini-chop cooling system, so that is what I had installed. I want it to offer good indoor air conditions, strong climate control, & efficiency that results in lower cooling costs. The tiny home is still being built, however soon I will find out if the mini-chop cooling system meets all our needs, as the heating & cooling company promised me.

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