They needed to report to an office

I recently bought a corporation that was all online based; The previous corporation owner allowed almost everyone to work from lake apartment plus set their own minutes.

When I took over that was the first thing I changed, and i don’t trust people to just do what they say they are going to do.

I also figured almost everyone wouldn’t work set minutes. I knew some of the guys were hockeying plus pretending to work. I could hear female employees running on the treadmill while they were on a workcall with me. The employees all got the option to stay on, however they had to report to an office space. I ended up getting most of the workers on board plus they work a respected 9-5 task. They can wear what they want plus have their own office space… Finding the right commercial office space was rough. I didn’t want to buy a building since I had just bought a business, also getting electric, plumbing, Heating plus A/C plus all the office component would have been taxing on the budget. I ended up finding a commercial office space for rent at a sufficient price, my employees all have their own office space plus I have a guys plus ladiess restroom with several stalls plus sinks. I even sprung for a better office space that came with a sizable boardroom. I don’t make the staff sit in on meetings. I love that immense area for our workers who need more space or who want to take a cut plus chat with one another. I am pretty proud of myself for Springtimeing for the good office space.
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