Why does camping need to include tents?

I always believed it was sleeping on the hard ground that miserable me most with camping. As I stayed awake in the tent during the Girl Scout camping trip, I was staring at the walls. I could see the moisture form on the tent walls, just from the heat coming off the ladies. I knew it was the heat and humidity of being in a canvas tent. You couldn’t open the doors at night, or all the people would have mosquito and chigger bites all over their bodies. You had to put up with a bit of humidity if you wanted to get any real semblance of sleep. I laid there thinking about how I had given up my soft bed during this Girl Scout outing. I could almost guess the cooling of my a/c as it blew over my bed. I received to have that a/c right then, however I knew it couldn’t happen. I grabbed up my lantern, and I stepped outside. Every one of us burned citronella in our lanterns, in an effort to keep all the mosquitoes at bay. There was a slight breeze, and I was tempted to open the flaps to the canvas tent. It was prefer nature was offering natural a/c to the camper. I walked around the canvas tent, unrolling the flaps over the windows. The screening was so tightly crafted that it would let the breeze in, however not the mosquitoes. I looked around and saw all the others doing the same to their tents. Every one of us may not have been able to bring a/c with us, however nature is doing it for us.

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