When it rains, it snows!

The Winter time is almost upon us here in the north.

Although people ignore it, the rain that all of us are experiencing right now will soon be snow.

Last night, it was raining and the next thing that I realized, I looked out the window and it was snowing. It doesn’t last once the sun comes out, however all of us had heavy snowfall when all of us woke up. I could hear the gas furnace running in the dead of the night, and I knew it had to be very frosty outside. Every one of us had frost on the windows and I knew that Winter time was on the way. I asked my fiance if she had the gas furnace inspected yet. I didn’t want to be stuck in the home without any heat. I wear sweaters all the time, now. I can get so frosty that my fingers won’t transport and that isn’t a good thing. I write freelance articles and I write from home. I actually need to have fingers that are warm and nimble. When my fiance didn’t answer my questions about the natural gas furnace, I assumed she hadn’t called the Heating and Air Conditioning business. When she went back to labor the next afternoon, I called the Heating and Air Conditioning contractor to set up an appointment for the natural gas furnace to be inspected. They told me there was already an appointment to have the natural gas furnace evaluated. I thanked him for the information and hung up. I hoped they didn’t say anything to my fiance about my call. She will get actually mad that I had evaluated up on him, although she could have answered me when I asked her if she had already called them.


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