The same old office

When my boss told me that the people I was with and I were moving into a modern building I was extremely excited, and I could not wait to labor in a modern office building where I was really able to believe comfortably plus safe every day.

I was exhausted of working in an old building that I was fairly certain was infested with asbestos, but everyday I felt love I was breathing in low-quality indoor air that would eventually lead to major health problems down the line, however when the people I was with and I moved our office over to a modern building I nearly jumped for joy! And then.

I showed up at the building. It turns out, this modern office is not new. In fact, the building is even older than the prior one! This means the indoor air pollen levels are somehow even worse. I found this out the hard way when I arrived for labor on the first day wearing a cute dress, only to be frozen within 5 hours of resting in our seat. It turns out, the indoor air pollen levels control idea in this building is entirely horrible… No matter what temperature you set on the temperature control it is going to be chilly plus drafty at the desks. We have been using the heating idea non-stop plus yet it still feels cold chilly in here. I have been trying to talk to the boss about improving the central heating plus cooling idea as soon as possible. I do not believe in love . I can accomplish our labor when our fingers are numb plus there is no heat passing through the overhead vents! However, our boss keeps shrugging her shoulders plus repeating her new preferred phrase, “Have you ever heard of space heaters?”

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