Planning ahead for more advanced HVAc technology

Since business opportunities dwindled over the last several months, I have had a lot of free time to work around with. So lately I have been spending my free time at home searching through the internet for more about HVAC. Initially, when I started working from home, I didn’t think much into the additional heating and cooling needs that might arise, but after reviewing my energy bills, I realized I can do better, but much later. I recently realized that my central air conditioning seer ratings are not the best, but at the same time looking at what’s available for HVAC products for sale, I can’t afford any right now. The upside is that there is a variety of newly introduced HVAC technology that is way better than my current HVAC system. The HVAC business that sold me the current system confirmed this fact when I approached him with the news. He is definitely willing to help me set up the new HVAC installation for free when I eventually decide to purchase the new system. I have 6 months to make it a reality but first I need to catch up on my air conditioner service plan payments because I need them for HVAC maintenance. Another appliance I don’t have is the air purifier but I could do with one in the basement since that’s where I relocated my home office. For now, I just put up with my energy-consuming system before I can get a quality air conditioner that won’t have me on the phone every other time talking to an HVAC serviceman.



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