Installment payment got me a quality air conditioner

For some reason, I foreshore tough times ahead and started planning for many eventualities based on my current state.

I have a list of so many things I am yet to buy for my new house but I am unable to comfortably pay for everything. So I have been singling out each household item and figuring out how best I can own it based on the availability of cash. Since I haven’t been able to buy anything on hire purchase or rather credit, I haven’t made much progress. However, the only one that looked promising was my intention to upgrade my central air conditioning. When I went shopping and learned more about HVAC, I selected some ideal HVAC products for sale, after coming across a financing business that could help me pay off a new HVAC system but the fee was too high. So I went back to the HVAC business that sold to me my first heating and cooling equipment and negotiated for an upgrade payable in installments for a few months. Once we agreed, I started paying regular amounts to secure the HVAC technology and once I was done months later, they sent over an HVAC serviceman to uninstall the outdated system and do the new HVAC installation. The new unit came with a different air conditioner service plan that is effective after one month from the date of HVAC maintenance. I was so excited about the purchase I got myself a small air purifier after learning how much savings I’ll make with the improved seer ratings. Now I proudly own a quality air conditioner.


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