I like to play cards when we go camping

I have been camping since I was a small child.

  • It was an activity that my parents enjoyed.

We had a large tent and a gas lantern. My aunt and uncle always joined my parents when we went camping and I got to play outside with all of my cousins. My parents played cards at the picnic table. Sometimes they would play spades or pinochle and sometimes they played poker. As we got older, we joined in the card games. It became a ritual to play cards when everyone goes camping and I’m sure that’s why I love to play cards now. My brother and his wife decided to join my wife and I for a weekend of camping fun. The weather was predicted to be cold, so we brought a couple of space heaters for the tent and an electric blanket for the bed. We didn’t mind the cold air since we had the heaters. It was a lot colder than we thought it would be after the sun went down. We had to take the heaters out of the tents and place them by the picnic table so we could play cards. We used a couple of tarps to create an outdoor space that was safe from the wind. The two space heaters provided lots of warm air and we played cards until way past midnight. By the time we went to bed for the night, it was 31 degrees on the thermostat in my truck. The weather forecast said it would be 47! I’d say the guy was wrong about the night’s low temperatures.

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