Too dumb for my thermostat

I think I am too dumb to run my smart thermostat.

First, when setting up my new climate control device I had to set a HVAC test setting.

I just randomly decided to test my thermostat at 90 degrees. I figured I could change the setting whenever I wanted. After I tested the thermostat, saw that it could provide both heating and cooling, I started setting up temperature control programs. I taught my thermostat to turn off when I am not there and turn on when I come home. I also set it to begin cooling an hour before my workout. However, I noticed that anytime I tried to have heating, the device would heat until 90 degrees before turning off. Even if I adjusted the thermostat setting, after a few minutes it would be working hard to achieve 90 degrees then. I worked my butt off trying to stop the 90 degree program and finally accomplished it. So now I am no longer dealing with that. However, I just can’t seem to keep a good temperature. I am always going on the app and messing with my thermostat. I frequently come to a freezing cold or sweltering house. I then adjust the thermostat too far the other way. I think that the thermostat is way more capable of deciding the temperature than me. It was an eco mode of HVAC control and I should just leave it set at that. It will heat and cool the house to an environmentally friendly temperature and I won’t need to do a thing.

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