The walk in the park became a contest.

My brother and I are twins, and everything we do ends up being a contest. It doesn’t matter if we are playing a game or just doing dishes, someone has to bet the other they can do the job better. After Thanksgiving dinner, my mother asked us to go for a walk in the park with her. She wanted to get some calories walked off that she had consumed. While we were walking, we both forgot about mom and started power walking, then we jogged, and it quickly became a full race. I’m not sure who was going to be the winner, but mom gave a shout and we both stopped, almost falling on our faces. Mom wasn’t very happy with our actions. You would have thought we were only six again the way she pulled our ears and told us she had enough and quickly headed back to the house. She sat in front of the fireplace and told us that all they earned was the right to do the dishes. She and dad were curled in front of the fireplace watching the first of many Christmas movies. The kitchen was hot, since the heat of the fireplace was blowing right through the doorway. I heard mom mumble something about our race, and dad started chuckling. He came out and slapped us both on the back. He said that we would never learn. It suddenly hit us that every year our shenanigans had ended up with us doing the holiday dishes, while mom sat in front of the fireplace watching old movies.
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