I just want zone control

My wife isn’t really a fan of upgrading things.

When we moved into our home I had a ton of updates planned.

I wanted to gut the bathroom and get all new fixtures. I was planning a kitchen remodel and new flooring in the near future as well. My wife dug in her heels and told me to wait. Now I have been living in an outdated house for years. If we own something that works, it has to stay until it doesn’t. My wife won’t get a new car until hers physically won’t run. All her clothes are old, worn out and dated. Recently I have been talking about getting us a new HVAC unit. For years our home has been centrally heated and cooled. I hate setting the thermostat and having one universal temperature. I hate dealing with ductwork. The air ducts get holes and leak air outside to waste energy. The HVAC ducts get dirty and pollute the indoor air quality. I want to have HVAC zone control. It makes sense to heat and cool rooms to different temperatures. I am sure my wife would like AC while cooking and I want heating while watching the football game. It would honestly save money to get zone control. In order to have this, our old system needs to go and be ductless HVAC. My wife is appalled that I would suggest ditching a perfectly good central HVAC unit. Yeah, it still works. I hate the machine and I have always hated it though. I have the money for new, so why can’t I buy it?



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