We are considering getting ductless HVAC.

For the last year, my partner plus I have been trying to figure out what to do with our gas furnace.

We have a boiler in our apartment which heats the condo plus our water.

The boiler is now well over forty years old plus it is giving us some trouble. It is not a fantastic time to go to the HVAC center plus get the parts my partner thinks he needs for the boiler. We are in our sixties plus he is afraid of the coronavirus. Repairs that should have been done this year are now going to wait. We are both worried that our oil furnace will not get us through the entire winter. I am really ecstatic that all of us didn’t have the fireplace detachd as all of us had planned. We had discussed having the fireplace detachd because it took up so much space in the dining room. We thought the space could be much nicer if all of us didn’t have the fireplace. Now, all of us are discussing what kind of HVAC system all of us wanted to have in our house. My partner had been giving some dire thought to just ripping the old gas furnace out plus installing ductless HVAC. He seems to guess that would be a good choice for us. The ductless HVAC system he is looking at has a fifteen year warranty, plus they say it will have high efficiency. I recognize all of us must see if the boiler continues to labor through the Wintertide before he decides. I just hope all of us don’t regret the decision to wait until Spring plus then find out all of us have no choice but to purchase a current HVAC system.

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